Available Now for iPhone, iPad, and Android!

Slide your way into a whole new style of puzzle game with Blox Blast! Play for free and compete with your friends to set a high score in our weekly tournament.

In Blox Blast, slide rows and columns of blocks to match them into squares of 4 or more. Quickly match squares to earn combo multipliers and activate your power-ups at just the right time to take your score to the next level. Each game lasts only 2 minutes so you have to think, and play, fast!

Blox Blast uses the characters and powers from our highly rated puzzle game IncrediBlox but instead of dropping blocks to create squares you slide a whole row of blocks at once, similar to how you play with a Rubik Cube. This play style allows you to set up moves that will combo across the board, clearing squares and activating the IncrediBlox special powers. Check out the video above to see some of these sweet combos in action.

  • Play on your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or Android tablet!
  • Incredible paper-craft graphics optimized for high resolution displays
  • Fun and easy to play, but challenging to master
  • Weekly tournaments for you and your friends
  • Quick 2 minute games make it easy to play anywhere
  • Earn coins while you play to boost your score with power-ups
  • Easily connect and share with your Facebook and Twitter friends